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 The Story...

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PostSubject: The Story...   Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:03 am

In the year 2025, Central Park exploded. It was a cold winter's day and snow fell, blanketing New York City in never-ending
white. Everyone heard it, the resounding crack that split the earth and sky alike, it tore through the air, smashing windows in its wake and only those of profound faith really knew what had started, knew what the bird-like creatures that flew through the sky were, knew what the horrible beasts that tore through the ground of Central Park could only be. These events meant one single thing.

The end of days had begun.

The battle rages decades, the armies of good and evil on either side with man shoved in the middle. They tore through cities, decimating populations, obliterating entire countries until the armies of man began to fight back in a vain attempt to reclaim their stolen world. It was during this three way brawl that all came to an end. No one knows how, perhaps a forgotten ritual or divine intervention, but suddenly and without warning, both armies were cut off. The angels of light no longer received guidance from their lord and the harbingers of death could not hear their master's call. 20 years hence and all sides have retreated to their corners, the light occupying the upper west side, the dark having infested New Jersey and man living everywhere in the middle.
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The Story...
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