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 Creating a Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Character   Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:31 pm

Welcome to Abyss! To get started, decide which race you'd like your character to be. The four major categories of races are listed here. While Angel, Dark Angel and Human are on their own, the Half Breeds delve into Vampires, Lycans and Elementalists. There is also an 'Other' board if you choose to be part of a race that's unlisted. Each board will contain a brief background on the race. Copy and paste this profile form, and create a new post with your character name in the title under the proper board. Wait for your character to be approved by any administrator before role playing.

Happy RolePlaying!

This is a rough layout of the Character Form to fill out upon arrival. Feel free to decorate the form with any of the handy BB Codes available or leave it plain.

Character Name

[Character Image]
Please include the character model's name. Real Life character models only please.

Date of Birth:

Race: See the list of Residents and choose from there, or create a new one at an Admin's approval.
Marital Status:

Affiliation: Holy, Unholy, or Neutral. If you are Human, your affiliation is Mortal/Neutral


You may enter another picture here if you wish.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

.The Arsenal.

Super Natural Powers: If Any
Strengths: Not the same as Super Natural Powers. These are strengths the character has on their own regardless of their race.
Weaknesses: All characters must have some sort of weakness. NOTE: Strengths and Weaknesses don't have to be physical.
Weapons: Be realistic. You're not James Bond. Unless your character is willing to hide a KF7 Soviet up their ass.
Vehicle: If Any. Again, be realistic. We're in the city, here. You probably don't have a cruise ship at your disposal (not like it'd do you much good)

.Character History.

Provide a detailed history of the character, including key elements such as when/how they were changed into their Super Natural form (if it applies), any major events that may have affected their personality, and how they ended up in New York at the time of the war.
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Creating a Character
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