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 Ena : The Flame Dancer

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PostSubject: Ena : The Flame Dancer   Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:08 am

.E n a.

.Rachel Weisz.

Name: Ena
Date of Birth: November 27th
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Nephilim - Elementalist
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: She now works as something like a highwayman, intercepting fleeing humans and turning them around to face their fate. Be it salvation or damnation.
Affiliation: Unholy


Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: A mix of amber and emerald
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 128 lbs.

.The Arsenal.

Super Natural Powers: As an elementalist, Ena was born with the power to harness the element of fire.
Strengths: With the power to control fire in such a dilapidated world as this gives Ena a great advantage. As long as the conditions are favorable and she puts her imagination to good use, she can burn down a small home, and anything inside of it. Preferring what she deems as the ‘Backdraft‘ method, Ena‘s trademark style is by pulling back the flames, giving her prey the false hope that the inferno is nearly died out, only to unleash the unbridled fury that only hell can compete with. Beyond her supernatural strength she lacks any emotional tie to her human side, making her a cold and detached killer when humans, especially other women get in her way. Working as a highwayman on the desolate roads leading in and out of New York have taught her how to strategize, to be the careful hunter and let the prey come to her springing the trap only when there is no hope for escape. In a word she is a predator, and one with no remorse. If hell is what she‘ll face, than she‘ll gladly be the one to start the fires, help them consume the world and stand by and watch them burn.
Weaknesses: She cannot create fire out of thin air, she must have a previous source to control. Her power over her element is weakened immensely in the presence of water, especially humid environments. The wind can also weaken the strength of any attack she may carry out. Ena can be as chaotic as the element she can control, she has spent years learning how to tame the flames that would swallow her whole, and none learning to tame the emotions that would further plunge her into madness. Beyond the natural elements that would hamper her powers she is unstable, an emotional powder keg that is just waiting for one little spark to turn into the an inferno that will rival the ones of hell itself.
Weapons: A small silver lighter, that she always keeps filled and ready to be used, a book of matches with a lighthouse motif on the front, and a Damascus Steel Katana.
Vehicle: A matte black 1969 Buick Skylark

.Character History.

Humanity, in a whole, has a strange obsession with childhood. Whenever a man or a woman behaves outside the norms of society they don’t blame the choices of their adult life, instead they rely upon overpaid psychiatrists to turn back the book of life and look back on how that particular person was raised and how well they were treated by their parents. Or at least, that was the way things were before the war began. In the wasteland left in the wake of war, humans were opened to the suffering that was awaiting them, the suffering they created for themselves. In their search for peace from death, the human infestation clawed towards salvation, scrambling along desolate and choked roads like ants fleeing the flood. It was on such roads that Ena learned what her true calling was, it was on those roads, with the smell of burning flesh and sulfur hanging in the air around her that she was, for the first time, genuinely happy.

If any normal human would have found out about the childhood Ena lived through, they would have locked her up in a padded room to protect the rest of society. But like most people before the war they were blissfully ignorant of the breeding camps and the atrocities that took place behind those walls. Born to a mother who had been a favorite vessel of the Fallen in charge of the facility, it was this favoritism that kept Ena from being raised like an animal and treated like a science experiment. For the first five years of her life, her human mother used the name of the Fallen that had not only given her wealth and a clean home but had sired the baby Ena to keep the young girl safe. That was until the Fallen found out what the woman had been doing. The desecrated angel showed the woman just how much he really cared for her, and as the woman died a slow and painful death the child watched on, it wasn’t until the Fallen lit her mother’s body on fire that Ena knew what had to be done. When the Fallen turned his back on his favorite pet burning on the floor, he believed he was turning his back not just on the human bitch, he could do without her, but the child, a child that had yet to show any sort of promise, a mistake he was content to let burn…What he didn’t notice were the flames growing steadily behind him.

When the Fallen turned to look at the body one last time, he watched the flames retreat from the body of Ena’s mother, and come bursting with vengeance back at him. The image of watching the flames engulf the human body of the Fallen and toss him out of the small apartment is the first memory that Ena can really remember, and she marks it still as one of the greatest achievements of her life. With his human shell damaged, the Fallen sent in one of his attendants, another elementalist to take care of the child, a man that Ena only knew as Uncle. At first the Fallen wasn’t too keen on keeping the girl alive, especially after her attack and the fact that she was raised unconventionally by Nephilim standards, but it was Uncle that convinced him otherwise. He told the Fallen Angel that the girl had great promise and would be a great asset to the war that loomed on the horizon, and luckily for Ena the Fallen agreed. But he gave Uncle one condition, the Fallen told him that the girl was too human to ever be any use to their war, if she was to survive Uncle would have to strip her of her humanity, turn her not into their protector but into their destroyer. This not being a happy story, Uncle agreed, and as the Fallen left, the older man took Ena’s hand and led her deeper into a fate that would twist her and mold her into something evil…

For the next thirteen years of her life, Uncle and the other Nephilim that helped him, stripped Ena of the humanity her mother had worked so hard to instill. When they weren’t teaching her how to properly use her powers, they treated her as she would have been treated had she been raised in the farm, like something one step above nothing. She slept in a cage, was fed prison rations of bread and water, but unlike the others around her, she wasn’t easily tamed. Once a guard had lit a cigarette in close proximity to her cell, it wasn’t until the next morning that Uncle discovered the man without a head. Instead of punishing Ena, who was at the time 18, they moved her from the communal cell she was living in to a home, Uncle’s home. She was treated like a child, but instead Uncle taught her the way a mother cheetah teaches her cubs how to run through the Serengeti. He taught her about the war that would eventually break out between heaven and hell, and told her what they would be expected to do when that did happen. Ena could only smile with the thought of the world burning in war, torn to pieces by holy and unholy alike fighting savagely to save a race that didn’t even deserve to live in her eyes.

And so she lived, side by side with a man that had become something of a father to her, when the war eventually did break through the heavens and land on the Earth, the Fallen called Uncle and Ena to New York, and as soon as they arrived war became something more than a fireside tale to her than, it became real. The moment the two entered the city they were under siege, most of the time they used humans as decoys, herding them like sheep to attract the attention of Angels and than lure them to waiting Fallen in the area. It was on one of those missions that she lost her final tie to humanity and began to be engulfed by the flames that are now burning bright within her mind. Uncle and Ena had gathered about 30 humans into a small apartment building, thinking that things were going to go as they always had, they let their guards down and didn’t realize that one of the humans kept pointing something towards the sky. It was actually a Nephilim that worked for the Angels, a shape shifter that was placed in the group to close the trap on Ena and Uncle. One angel swooped down from the heavens, the two elemementalists knew it would be suicide to stand against an Angel alone, so they began to retreat, Ena escaped, Uncle did not.

As she ran away from the building and towards Perdition, she didn’t look back, she knew Uncle was dead and there was nothing she could do about it. In the silence she found at the Fallen base, she found she had no vengeance hiding in her charred heart, they were made for this purpose, to fight on the side of all things unholy and die if need be. That was what Uncle had taught her and it was what she would always remember. Completely detached from humanity Ena turned her passion towards watching pain of others, and it’s still a great pleasure of hers. She will do what she can to help the fires of hell consume the Earth once and for all, but she knows that without the influence of either the ruler of heaven or the prince of darkness, it’s just a waiting game. Fire is patient, it works with the calm of a predator until there is nothing left to burn, and than dies out with grace, sputtering out and leaving behind glowing embers. It’s exactly how Ena intends to live out the rest of her life on this apocalyptic plain….
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PostSubject: Re: Ena : The Flame Dancer   Sat Oct 23, 2010 10:26 am

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Ena : The Flame Dancer
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