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 The Lost One

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PostSubject: The Lost One   Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:04 pm

…the age of man is over,
the darkness comes and all
these lessons that we’ve learned here,
have only just begun….

G a b r i e l

Jared Leto

Name: Gabriel
Date of Birth: Sometime after the creation of the world and before the creation of man
Age: Although he is a timeless he appears to be about 32 years of age
Gender: Prefers the form of a male, although has been known to take on the form of a female, or just appear androgynous
Race: Angel
Marital Status: N/A
Occupation: Having once been a high ranking soldier in the Lord's army, the angel now wanders through the city, lost without his Holy Father's voice.
Affiliation: Holy, although he considers himself to be Neutral.


Hair Color: Varies on the archangel's mood, some days it might be a dark chesnut brown, or a platinum blonde. Now a days, though, it generally stays brown to blend in easier.
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 152 lbs.

.The Arsenal.

Super Natural Powers: As an Angel he can appear in any form he chooses, wherever and whenever it pleases him as long as there are no Enochian warding runes in the vicinity. Gabriel is immortal, but like all other Angels his physical body can be harmed, but his only true weakness likes in warded weapons. He also has the ability to heal, but this ability has been greatly reduced ever since him and his fellow Angels have been cut off from their Holy Father. As an individual he is an angel built for subversion and sabotage, relying on his superhuman speed and reflexes to get around bulkier enemies and stab them in the back. When on the attack, Gabriel behaves more like a spider, luring enemies in with a golden tongue and an infective personality, striking them down when the angel feels the time is right.
Strengths: Extremely charismatic and persuasive, he is someone that knows how to get his way. Used to combat, he is steadfast and sure in his abilities in a fight which makes him confident. Proficient with a blade he is best at hand to hand combat when push comes to shove. Gabriel is also quick witted, which keeps him aware of his surroundings and any dangers that may threaten his life.
Weaknesses: Ever since their Father’s light left, Gabriel has been lost. Becoming increasingly cold towards Humanity. His increasing lack of care for humanity combined with a quick fire temper, makes him a dangerous Angel for Humans to be around. Out of all his fellow Angels that still are considered Holy, Gabriel is also the most vane. His powers are also weakened when he steps on to tainted ground.
Weapons: A dagger that he keeps on his person at all times stay hidden from all except those that fall to it. When more prepared for a fight the Angel brings a Rapier with him along with the dagger.
Vehicle: The Angel prefers to walk to get from A to B, but he keeps a Suzuki Hyabusa Turbo stored away in case he needs to get to or out of a place quickly.

.Character History.

Born into the heavenly host at the beginning of time, Gabriel has always been close to the Father. Obedient and never questioning, even the creation of man, the Angel was always quick to do anything that was asked of him. No matter what the task was he was eager to do it, especially loving to deliver messages to Humanity from the father, becoming an Angel known as a deliverer of messages. Whether the Lord wished him to be a messenger, a guardian angel or even a master of death, Gabriel asked no questions and did as he was told. He was a witness with Michael at the marriage of Adam and Eve, and when they were banished he was one of the few angels selected to hold the burning sword of their Lord’s rage and keep the rebellious humans out of paradise. He nursed Abraham from his finger, and came back to announce the birth of Isaac. The Angel than turned around and destroyed Sodom with no remorse, and than protected both the baby Moses and Israel as a whole as they escaped from Egypt.

But as humanity grew and expanded, the Angels missions of protection began to wane, and such tasks were given to others. Instead, Gabriel came to represent the Lord’s judgment, and it was this moniker that the Angel found himself happy. Before he had strived for happiness in service to his God, but as judge, jury and executioner Gabriel was content. So used to his job to deliver punishment and death, he was surprised when the Lord chose him to deliver the news of the conception of both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. And even though he delivered the news with as much gusto as he had before he became known for judgment, inside he wasn’t happy to be demoted back to a mere messenger, it was here that his vanity began to taint his Holy form.

When the war broke out, Gabriel found himself standing on the side of the Lord, smiling and laughing in the battle against the darkness. But after, when their Father’s light abandoned them and left them condemned to an Earthen purgatory, the Angel was lost. Having never been far from his Lord’s voice, Gabriel isolated himself from Metetron’s army, and drifted into the shadows of the broken and battered city of New York. It is within those shadows that the archangel sits now, brewing within his own confused thoughts, a path that sometimes leads him down a dark path. Although he is constantly tempted to join the Fallen, Gabriel does still strive in some part of his mind to be part of the Holy, there have been whispers that he has been known to help the occasional Human while there are some that say he has killed some that have crossed his path. In part it is his vanity that keeps him from rejoining Metetron’s Army and falling into the ranks of Sameal’s Fallen, in his own mind he is the only master of his soul next to the Lord. Whether or not that thought condemns him to hell, the Angel no longer cares at this point, instead he is content to sit in the darkness, holding on to a trumpet that will herald in the end of times….But to know that time he will need to hear his Father’s voice, and as the days wear on, he’s beginning to question if that ever will happen….
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost One   Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:31 pm

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The Lost One
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