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 Griffin the Hunter

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PostSubject: Griffin the Hunter    Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:24 pm

+ Character Name +

Mathias Lauridsen

Alias: Griffin
Date of Birth: October 31st
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: General [Leader] of the Human Race
Affiliation: Mortal

+ Appearance +

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 158

+ The Arsenal +

Super Natural Powers: n/a
Strengths: Reliable, strategic, strong-willed, protective over those in his colony, and combatant towards the Supernaturals.
Weaknesses: Too Determined (never gives up on a fight), does not trust others easily [mainly those not in his colony], the left side of his face is heavily scarred and as a result he has trouble seeing through his left eye, and emotionless.
Weapons: 9mm handgun [are also various—depending on current state of availability]
Vehicle: Ducati Motorcycle [however he rarely rides it due to the state of the city and prefers to walk]

+ Character History +

History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and brings us tidings of antiquity.

Griffin was given his name due to the tattoo on his right shoulder blade and the way his hair flared out-- like feathers... and he believed those very words Cicero, the great philosopher, once said and therefore he lived by them. It was before the war he had been considered a family man. Griffin had just started working with the New York City Fire Department, right under his father-in law Chief Rheinhold and was married to a beautiful woman named Samantha. Together they fought and gained full custody of his younger sister Lindsey… Before the war everything had been perfect… and everything made sense. He considered himself one the happiest men on Earth.

His father-in law, Chief Rheinhold, died in mysterious in a fire off the New York harbor. It was long after that that the Holy War came into existence and he found himself one of the few leading humanity to civility in New York—until his history changed forever.

It was not even a year after the Holy War began that he had returned home to find his wife missing and his sisters’ corpse, bloodied, and laying across the living room floor. She appeared, from his perspective, to have been mauled by some sort of animal—the shattered glass window, which overlooked Central Park, [from the living room] only proved his theory. And he knew the attacker could have been anything—from a fallen angel to a supernatural. Anything was possible in this day and age... But Griffin didn't mourn for his loss for long. His attention was taken by his wifes’ screams from their bedroom.

Even today, nearly nineteen years after the incident, Griffin can taste the salty blood that stained his lips that night. The musky smell was overwhelming... The hall had been covered in blood, claw marks etched their way against the walls in a rigid fashion—knocking down pictures, ripping the wall paper and staining the carpet with a combination of blood and mud. It wasn’t until he found their bedroom door, shut, and a large hole in the door as if something clawed its' way in. When he rea—

--that very night Griffin lost three things: his sister, his wife and half his face.

History had been his only witness and his history was changed that night... he was no longer a family man. Rumors of Griffins' loss spread throughout the city like a plague. People spoke about his survival with the supernatural that attacked him as a godsend. He hadn't become one of them-- he was just like them: mortal.

In t he beginning Griffin had been a hunter. He kept to himself, and hunted the supernatural: he watched them... studied them and then killed them. He didn't know who had killed his family-- but he knew it had been a Lycan (*cough* werewolf) and he planned to eliminate them all. And it was because of his 'talent' in tracking and killing the supernatural beings that people began to follow under him. They looked for answers from the Hunter and sought guidance. He was a true Leader. He could protect them; and eventually the young, slowly aging, male became just that. A Leader... the inhabitants were like lambs, and like the lambs that followed Joesph; they followed Griffin into the streets of New York and together they built a haven in Fort Benham…

Griffin was only one of the Leaders of several factions that resided in Fort Benham. And for those were considered Hunters. He had then later designed a bullet that upon impact explodes and releases a toxin: silver. He knew what had killed his wife-- and everyday he looked in a mirror he was reminded of just that: his loss. And he wanted to put an end to it all. He wanted to eliminate the lycan population-- but to do so he had to find the one who did this to him... The Hunters' as they were called were one of the main factions that did reside in For Benham. However, while it was a well known group it was Griffin who decided who he wanted in his colony. He didn't trust others very well. And to be a part of his colony a person had to make a point... had to be noticed.

Over the years Griffin learned not to react based off his emotions. He knew every that decision affected the colony and their safety. And those choices he made were for what he sought best… they did not make him or those under his wings better. In Griffin eyes everyone was the same and everyone was a victim… all they had to do was band together. Griffin was a Leader, and he made a promise—that without religious values, there would be salvation. Eventually… but they, as humanity, had to hold out and fight to survive...

Griffin had a personal vendetta to settle with the one Supernatural that took everything from him...
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Griffin the Hunter
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