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 The Ups and Downs of Working At A Movie Theater...

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PostSubject: The Ups and Downs of Working At A Movie Theater...   Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:47 am

First, before I go all negative, let me start with the perks...
I get to see movies for free.
Free popcorn.

Now, to the dark side...
Harry Potter.
And as some of you know, the final movies are being released soon...The first part comes out in less than a week now and all of us little concession jockeys are just thrilled in our present career choice. In case you haven't heard, Harry Potter is kind of a big deal in the movie business, record breaking billion dollar big deal. This means that my soul will be devoured by my work in the coming weeks, and I won't want to do much other than sleep and shuffle around my house like a zombie for a few days after the midnight premier.
Ah, the joyous time for most families to sit around a big ass table and hunker down and eat some mother fuckin' turkey is for some a time to pack all their 13 kids into a van and drive down to their local movie theater and get their popcorn on. Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are probably two of the busiest days for us wee movie theater folk so once again my soul will be chained to the popcorn machine much like that one dude in the second Pirates of the Caribbean that was living in the wall of the ship, I will probably be made of popcorn.
Disney Movies.
Disney movies bring children. I hate children and the messes they leave. Expect a rise in sadistic posts with the release of Tangled.

Really the point of this whole rant was just to let you guys know that I'm going to be rather busy in the coming months, and that I will only really get a chance to sit down turn on my lap top once or twice a week. That goes without saying if I'll have the energy or drive to kick out a post or two due to my zombification that I call the holiday season. Please be patient with me through these times, I'll try to post as prompt as my mind and job allow, if I know it's going to be awhile I'll be sure to let whoever I'm posting with know.

But don't worry! For some odd reason I'm able too generally turn my anger and frustration from a long day of dealing with children [and fanboys but they can be JUST like children] into one hell of a creative string so there is hope. So please bear with me this holiday season, and remember that I do really try to post as promptly as possible, but somethings just stand in the way.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ups and Downs of Working At A Movie Theater...   Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:40 am

Oh... I feel you! I sooo do! I am at work still... and I have this patient. She refuses to be put on CPAP and she refuses to have oxygen--- so I can't do anything. And here I am, scoring her stages of sleep, and every second she's having a fucking arousal (which is like a gasping breath). So I have to mark that-- the snore and the rep. arousal and then score what stage of sleep it is. It is fucking annoying.. I haven't even looked at my second patient yet. Gr.
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The Ups and Downs of Working At A Movie Theater...
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