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 Victoria Sampson "Runa Moon"

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PostSubject: Victoria Sampson "Runa Moon"   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:02 am

Runa Moon

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Name: Runa Moon
Date of Birth: December 13th, 1990
Age: 55, Appears in her twenties
Gender: Female
Race: Lycan half-breed
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Mercenary
Affiliation: Neutral, or whatever pays better


Hair Color: Red/Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132 lbs

.The Arsenal.

Super Natural Powers: Can transform between a human appearance, a 'lycan' form and a wolf form. The Lycan form is a half human, half wolf beast with superhuman strength and speed and a knack for violence
Strengths: Runa learns quickly and picks up instructions and directions well. The lycan blood in her helps her have a keen sense of direction, with a near perfect internal compass.
Weaknesses: Due to her past she can cave easily under situations where she is being interrogated or yelled at. She tries not to let herself get to this stage. Also, as a werewolf, she is especially weak against silver bullets, or any silver for that matter.
Weapons: Has a various array of weapons for whichever jobs she is presented with. Her favorite is Lupus, a chrome combat shotgun.
Vehicles: A motorcycle named Carnivora.


Born in Ottawa, ON to the name Victoria Sampson, she grew up in the typical suburban home. She was an only child, and had a pet cat named Noble to keep her company. Having both working parents, she grew especially close to her kitten, and for a long time regarded her as her only friend. She attended public school, though she didn't make friends easily. She had acquaintances that she would hang out with at school events, but no one that she would bother to think of past looking back at her yearbook and seeing who signed it.

She attended a community college, starting a degree in medical sciences. She remembers the night that changed her life like an Academy winning movie, She was walking to her car when she was kidnapped, only remembering that everything went black as a black, stinking of chloroform, was thrown over her head. She awoke in the basement of a home, tied to a bed and naked, sore all over and wishing she didn't know what had happened to her, or what would continue for days. While her assailants weren't raping her helpless body they were abusing her, physically and mentally. To them she was useless. A dirty slut. A dumb cunt. They bruised her eyes and her ego to a point to where she would fall to tears just imagining her life once she would be released. She didn't realize her savior would be quite the man she expected.

She awoke from one drug-induced sleep to find the room completely covered in blood and innards, the corpses all but mutilated and scattered across the concrete room. A single figure, a man in a very nice looking suit, stood in the middle of the room, fixing the cuff and looking completely out of place in the carnage that surrounded him, save for the bit of blood on his dress shoes. He went to the bed and undid the knots around her sore and calloused wrists. He then promptly, and wordlessly, raped her, though in her eyes as her savior she didn't mind it at all, and found the experience to be more of a love making instead. It was at that point, afterward, sweaty and naked, that he transformed into a beast, covered in black hair, baring long white fangs and with the face of a wolf, though he stood on two legs like a man. He sank is teeth into her neck, and almost instantly she felt the saliva, tingling and burning, enter her blood. As he changed back he warned her of dark days to come, and then wordlessly left.

After the bite he disappeared, leaving her alone in the basement. Her body began to transform through the stages of her new lycanism, the wolf form, simple and natural, the lycan form that created a new surge of power through her veins, and her human form, with keen updated senses to match that of a wolf. Once she had grown accustomed to these new sensations she escaped the basement. Unable to return home after months of her disappearance, she hopped the border into New York City, as luck would have it, just as The War erupted from Central Park. Unable to decide what to do with her powers, she became a mercenary, finding that using her powers for whoever paid best was the easiest solution. She is constantly in search for the nameless man that changed her life, again, having a sort of infatuation with him.

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Victoria Sampson "Runa Moon"
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