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 The Rules of Abyss

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PostSubject: The Rules of Abyss   Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:19 pm

Sorry. They're only here because someone did it.

1. Abyss is Color-Blind
-We're a site open to EVERYONE. Any sort of discrimination or prejudice towards any person based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other lifestyle will not be tolerated. I will ban your ass, then head over to 4chan and hire a mob to set your house on fire.

2. This Film has been rated R
-Sex happens. Unfortunately for you eccentrics, Abyss is not a sex-based RPG. It is at an admin's discretion to decide if your threads are too perverse and need to be removed. If you came to this site to get your giggity on with some vampires you are shit outta luck. Though sex, cursing and extreme violence are allowed on the site, don't let it be the center of your attention. Also, please put up [Private] on a thread's title if you know things are going to get rough.

3. There is no God...moding

-The creatures of Abyss are powerful, but no one is all-powerful here. Examples of god-moding, and shit you can't do, are:

  • Killing another person's character without their discretion
  • Being invincible/really freaking good at fighting. Not all moves can be blocked ALL the time
  • Being 'all-powerful' or 'all-knowing'. Just because someone types their character's thoughts doesn't mean you can use them in your response.
  • Controlling another person's character without their permission. You can ask your RP partner's permission to TEMPORARILY and BRIEFLY control a character for the purpose of the action, but is their character, not your puppet.

4. Immigration isn't Easy
-Actually in Abyss it is! Just make sure you WAIT FOR YOUR CHARACTER TO BE APPROVED before you start to RP in the Abyss world. As much as we want to give you guys the benefit of the doubt we know there are people out there who will make ridiculous characters and unleash their fury on the unsuspecting masses.

I'm sure I'll have to add more later. People get dumb.
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The Rules of Abyss
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